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Keep Your Existing Phone Number


You don't have to lose your phone number if you change phone companies. US Voice Link, through an agreement with our VOiP provider DRI VOiP, offers the option of keeping your phone number across the country. To find out if you can keep your existing phone number with VOiP Service, simply email us your area code and the exchange (first three digits of your phone number) and we will gladly let you know.

How To Transfer Your Number To VOiP Service

Its easy. Just sign up and select the option to keep your existing phone number. Then we'll send you the simple steps to start the transfer process. And you can always transfer your number later if you want to try out your VOiP Service first.

How Long Does it Take?

Transferring your number will take a minimum of 20 business days once you start the transfer process. A lot will depend on your current local phone service provider and their timely cooperation in the transfer. But don't worry! During the number transfer process, we provide you a temporary number so that you can begin to use your VOiP Service and all its free features immediately. Then, when your number is transferred, we'll inform you via email and your number will be transferred seamlessly. And you can email us if you would like to check the progress of your request, so you'll always know what's happening.

Got DSL?

DSL subscribers have a special situation since your DSL service runs over your phone line. Therefore, you must keep your existing phone number to maintain your high-speed internet connection. In this instance, we would suggest either transferring your DSL service to another phone line with your current carrier, or you can switch to Cable Internet instead of DSL.

What Happens If Your Number Cannot Be Transferred?

If we cannot transfer your number, you may choose to get a new VOiP Service number in your area or elsewhere. Or, you may decide to keep your existing phone number with minimal service and add a VOiP Service number for outgoing calls.

You Can Even Transfer Your Cell Phone Number

In late 2003, Federal legislation went into effect allowing wireless phone customers to transfer their numbers. See the FCC's official Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP) information site for more on wireless number portability.


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